Jane Walker greyhound fabric

Color Chart to aid in designing fabric for printing by Spoonflower

***Free textures for mixing colors available below***
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My color chart is available through Spoonflower--click image or link text.
1100 Color Map for fabric printing
Practical 1100 Color Chart with supplemental color sets


I recommend that you purchase samples of your mixed colors before using them in a design.

This design contains 5 distinct shades that may be replaced using your own image editing software to create custom colors for your fabrics.
The resulting color may have a faint to bold texture depending on colors chosen.
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texture color mixer
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Copyright notice:
This design is my own original work and may be copied and used to mix colors from my Spoonflower color chart.

Fabrics made using this design as part of the fabric design coloring process are the property of the user to do with as he/she choooses.  This design may not be copied for any other use.

These simple grids are not copyrighted.

2-color grid
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1 pixel grid 1

3-color grid
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1 pixel grid 2

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